I walked to my car from dinner a few weeks ago and found myself being yelled at and cat called in disgusting detail for a good five minutes.

Wearing a backpack and a ponytail on a Tuesday night at 7 PM in a public space. Not that the details matter. 

Another time I found myself being hit on repeatedly while in a vulnerable position that I didn’t feel empowered enough to get out of.

I ignored the comments, tried to change the subject and continuously tried to end the conversation several times. Not that the details matter. 

I’ve had my body touched inappropriately in broad daylight, disgusting words whispered in my ear in a public setting, messages on my social media accounts that would make my Daddy want to commit a crime if he saw, and men follow me from the gym enough times that I call the cops if I feel the least bit like someone is watching me.

My question today after another situation that I literally went straight home and cried in the shower over because I felt so violated is this: when? 

WHEN did we get to the point in our world that this is the normal?

WHEN did my body become something that anyone feels entitled to comment on, touch, or even look at in a way that could be deemed inappropriate?

WHEN did this world get to be such a scary place?

WHEN did we start cultivating a culture that made boys (and I say BOYS specifically because no true man would act in that way) think its okay to completely disrespect a woman’s body?

Sexual assault. Abuse. Rape. Cat calling. Any of it….all of it. Its horrifying and I am so sad to have not only bared witness to it several times, but to be associated with a culture that believes it is okay.

I am hurting deeply for the way my eyes have been opened to our obsession with flesh.

This ISN’T what Jesus wanted.
This is worldly.
This is Satan.
This is terrifying.

When does it stop? I don’t have answers right now. I don’t know what the solution is. This world is imperfect, as humans have been since the very first sin, but I think it is getting worse every day.

And I think it can get better, but I think we have to bring the darkness to light.

We need to talk about it. With our kids. With our family. With our friends.

In the workplace and in public spaces. In our homes and on the aisle of Target. In church and our small groups and on coffee dates.

And more than that…we need to pray about it. Pray for a culture shift and for the generation that we are raising right now to understand things that maybe some in my generation don’t.

When will it not be the normal?

Oh, Jesus do we need more of you here.

Grateful for the men in my life who not only don’t partake in that culture, but have done all they can to protect myself and the women they know from such things. My eyes have been opened to how important it is to pray for them. May they be examples. May they stand firm.


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