Why I’m breaking up with Victoria’s Secret

It’s a bit of old news, but Victoria’s Secret lost my support after their Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek made comments about not including plus-size models on their runway.  Why did he say the company sticks to such a generic slate of models? “Because the show is a fantasy,” he said.


So, you’re telling me that the only type of women the world currently “fantasizes” about are between 5’8 and 6 feet tall, and have the measurements of 34-24-34 BUT are more voluptuous than a typical runway model (seriously, Google the requirements to be an Angel). What a statement, Ed. I’d love to have a chat with you and the company you represent.

I don’t know the specific statistics but I don’t THINK there are that many women who fit that description. No skinny-shaming here, trust me. Theres nothing wrong with being that size (IF its healthy. IF you are caring for your body appropriately). But excuse me, Victoria’s Secret- there is also nothing wrong with being ANYTHING OTHER THAN A SIZE ZERO.

There are times I have walked through that store and grabbed the size that I am in every other store and have been in tears over something not fitting properly while standing in a hot pink dressing room in front of a mirror that says something like “you look great”. Not only are you advertising an unrealistic body type, you’re also distorting body image at that point.

For a company who aims to make women feel sexy in their own skin, your marketing doesn’t match your mission. You’re making a certain population feel sexy, and making every other population feel unworthy of your product. 

I’ve talked a lot about factors that have influenced my experience with an eating disorder. While I would never claim that only external factors pushed me to starve myself, I can say that statements like those certainly didn’t help. Statements like those are part of the reason why 30 million people in the US have an eating disorder.

We’re in a really cool place in the world right now. Body acceptance and self-love are a common topic. Women are speaking out about their struggles, and empowering other women to do so as well. Why wouldn’t a company want to be part of that? To empower their audience, to applaud self-worth and acceptance of body types. Heck, if nothing else…why wouldn’t they want to create fair expectations of women by maybe using realistic measurements for their products?

So, I won’t be spending any more money there or carrying anymore pink and white striped bags out of the mall.

Sorry not sorry if I’m not the typical “fantasy” size for the world. Honestly most days I am more proud of ditching the scale and eating an appropriate amount of calories more than I was proud of myself for fitting into a size small at Victoria’s Secret.

Because I think all bodies are beautiful. Because I value health over weight. Because no one deserves to feel icky or unwanted.

I’ve linked a few other lingerie/swimsuit sites that promote body positivity and value all sizes. Consider spending your money there. I know I will be.

True & Co

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