Filled with the Wrong Things

I get MAD when people don’t respond to snap chats. There, I said it. That’s a shameful statement to make but it’s been weighing a little heavy on me since being in Australia. It’s almost like I’m craving connection a bit more since I’m so far from home, and when people don’t respond I feel a bit abandoned. It’s not REALLY the snapchats causing the issue… is the completely natural desire for relationship and community and in an overly connected world, I think we’ve all become a bit more lonely.

Isn’t that interesting? We can literally contact anyone in the whole world but we feel like we are the only person in the whole world. Isolated and lonely and frustrated. We can see exactly what our friends are up to, but it’s caused us to feel “FOMO” and jealousy and worthlessness because we aren’t in a bikini on a beach in the Maldives. Social media can make us feel SO CRUMMY and achey on the inside. I know I’ve felt it on more than one occasion. “Why didn’t I get as many likes as she did?” Is a common thought and discussion among my friend group. We get embarrassed if we don’t get over 200 likes. Thinking it’s something we’ve done, something we aren’t measuring up to in comparison to others.

Filling our heads and our hearts with these thoughts or images is causing a slow and painful decay of any self-confidence or worthiness that formerly lived inside of us. I think you have to hit that point of realizing it’s hurting you in order to make the moves necessary to heal— and I think getting angry because someone didn’t respond to a Snapchat may be that point for me.

I listen to Stephanie May Wilson’s podcast (10/10 recommend) every week, and in an episode recently she discussed this exact topic. How we can easily begin to believe what the internet says about us over what God says about us. It’s worldly and sinful and EASY TO DO. Satan loves to find those little tiny cracks in our faith and just like a crack on a windshield in the summer, he puts the heat on that specific point until it expands into a giant gash in our beliefs.

I like to take inventory of my thoughts. And they’ve been really consumed lately by likes, comments, and this fulfillment from others seeing my “perfect life”. It can manifest physically, just like any emotional ache can, and there’s a sinking feeling in my chest from it all. It’s hard to live a joyful life when consumed by something that can so easily suck the life right out of your bones.

So I’m focusing on filling my head with what God says about me, not what opened snapchats and Instagram likes say about me, and I hope you’ll do the same.

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