Twenty-Three Lessons From My Twenty-Third Year

Something I started doing last year was writing down the lessons I was learning.  Reflecting back over those words these past few days has been breathtaking and awe-inspiring.  I’m amazed to see just how God was moving—even when I felt like I was standing still.

  1. Girlfriend, you can’t do it all. Lose the ego and accept some grace.
  2. Ross House chai lattes and a fresh blowout from Tiger Lily are the things that end wars.
  3. It’s okay to not be okay- and to admit it.
  4. Everyone will continue to tell you to set boundaries. You have no idea what that means and unfortunately you have to learn that the hard way. And that’s okay.
  5. Pick up the phone and call them. Stop over analyzing it.
  6. You’ll continue to beat yourself up over drinking….so just stop. Drinking water at a bar isn’t the end of the world.
  7. Stop being embarrassed of your story. It’s how you got to where you are today.
  8. Grad school is hard….but you got in for a reason.
  9. Crying is your main emotional response. Accept it and own it. You’ll cry at inappropriate times and there’s literally nothing you can do about it.
  10. You’re okay on your own. Single isn’t a bad word or a mark of unworthiness. Seeing a movie alone isn’t the end of the world.
  11. Speaking of movies- ALWAYS drive to that random theater alone in the middle of nowhere  (sorry Dad) to see that indie film. It’ll change your life.
  12. It didn’t work out for a reason. And you should be thanking God it didn’t.
  13. God is living and breathing all around you… just haven’t listened closely in a long time.
  14. Throw the scale away.
  15. You actually can do hard things. Like really hard things.
  16. Babies make you crazy happy. Go hold more babies.
  17. Stop telling people you want a tattoo. Silly Presley.
  18. You’re not as afraid of everyone and everything as you think you are. Especially murder podcasts.
  19. Intelligence isn’t a flaw.
  20. Advocate for yourself. Sometimes you need to lay in your bed a little longer.
  21. You’re a pretty kind person. Be proud of that.
  22. Spending money is okay. You don’t have to call your mom for permission to spend your own paycheck.
  23. Twenty-three started out rocky but is ending so, so good. You’re alright. This life you’re molding is pretty sweet.

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